Joseph Scates Concertinas

Concertina Timeline

This timeline was not created specifically as a 'timeline' it just happened. I needed to organise information that I had learned whilst researching Joseph Scates and a spread sheet seemed a reasonable way to do it. The problem with doing it in such a haphazard way is that I didn't always remember the exact source of the info. The strong probability is that the information came from one of the sources listed at the end- but you need to double check it. The fact that I found that which is listed means that it is 'out there' somewhere.'
There are some formatting issues in converting to PDF via 'openoffice' so I hope that you will forgive the quirks! (I must get a better 'file converter)

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Chris Flint - 16 Oct 2009 03:38
Correction: Wheatstones moved to West Street 1905

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