Joseph Scates Concertinas

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Other Scates Concertinas

scates at stacey serial 317 (7K)
Early Scates serial No. 317
(40, Frith Street Label)
scates at stacey1 serial 317 (7K)
Right Hand End
scates at stacey4 serial 317 (94K)
Left Hand end

scates label on circular fret (9K)
Circular Fret Label
early scates -new bond street (20K)
Circular Fret 32, New Bond Street

unnamed but is Scates serial 961 (21K)
Serial No. 921 Joseph Scates Stamped in the woodwork
015 (7K) 016 (8K)

scates new bond street 3 (6K)
Serial No. 19
32, New Bond Street
scates of new bond street 1 (7K)
Action Boards No.19
scates new bond street 2 (7K)
Label showing Scates as 'Manufacturer,' not Professor
scates new bond street 7 (5K)
Underside of Action boards (pans) No. 19

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